Monday, April 26, 2010

Character design #2 for Book Project

This is "Moss" the main character in the story that I am illustrating. This is only a concept design, I am still developing his look as well as full body design and posture. I will continue to share more on this when I have permission to do so.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Character design for Book Project

I'm working on loads of character development and concepts for a book project which I am illustrating. I can't say too much about it at this time, but will share bits and pieces when I can. This is a concept sketch of one of the characters. At this point, I'm developing and working on the look and idea of this guy . . . the final character will be a bit more gnarly.

My friend Menton has a great look which totally inspired this character. Check out Menton's work, he does awesome work for publications such as IDW and so on.

Sketch detail . . . I always love the way these quicker paintings look, especially close up.

My block in . . . establishing shape rather quickly with a bit of color and value thrown in to sculpt the idea.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Scott Storch for The Miami New Times

I painted this last week for The Miami New Times! This is definitely the most disgusting painting I have ever been commissioned to paint, but was also a lot of fun to work on. I won't bother explaining what I painted here, if interested, click
here to read the article on Scott Storch in the Miami New Times. The art director was a pleasure to work with, and as I've said in the past, that goes a long way. I was told that they wanted Storch sitting on a toilet (his throne), and that he should have a pimp goblet and a bloody nose. From there I had fun, and took it to a place that I was imagining in my own head. After reading the article myself, I thought other elements of his story could be told or understood by putting him in a gross public bathroom with walls closing in, roaches, vomit, and blood . . . it's nasty, but the truth of what abuse leads to.

Because the painting will be printed on newsprint, they have to boost the contrast a bit or it will print on the flat side. This is how I intended the final to look. I had four days from start to finish on this piece and used every minute I had.

Head detail.

I spent at least 4 hours on this hand.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Australian Cartoonists Association Stanley Awards 2010!

I can finally share some cool news with y'all! I have been invited to be the guest of honor at this years Australian Cartoonists' Association 26th Stanley Awards!

The ACA is the world's oldest cartoonist organisation founded in Sydney in 1924. In 2010 it celebrates its 86th birthday!!! The 26th Stanley Awards will be held at Rydges Melbourne Hotel on November 5th-7th.

Click here to read more about it! here

I can't wait to meet my friends from down under!!!

(There's no reason for the gas mask, I'm not saying I'll need this when I go to Australia, it's just cool looking and I find myself wearing it everywhere I go now. My wife hates it, especially when we go to the movies or out to eat, but hey, she hated the hat and the tattoos too, but no longer seems to notice those. Just kidding . . . but what part?)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Interview on

A while back I did some interviews for my friends in China! Click here to read an interview by Su Haitao that I did for

Click here to read a caricature sketch step by step that I did of Su Haitao for

Sunday, April 11, 2010

CASE STUDY: Read about my process . . .

Click here to read about my process.

And, I would like to remind everyone that my next class on CARICATURE starts this coming Friday, April 16th at There are a few spots available, and as always, any questions you may have can be emailed to me or the staff at Schoolism. Thank you.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Diner painting wins CG Choice Award!

I'm pleased and honored to say that I have been awarded the CG Choice Award by the CGSociety for outstanding artistic ability in the field of digital art for my diner painting.

I was also recently informed that two of my paintings made it into American Illustration 29 annual! My Aretha Franklin and my White Stripes! I'll be sure to post more info on that when the book is available!

I'm currently working on a cover for Miami New Times and preparing for C2E2 comic convention which is next week, here in Chicago! If you're in the area, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cover for the New York Observer

Just finished this cover for the NY Observer. This cover was exciting to do, because I have known of the Observer for years, not for the articles, but for the caliber of artists that they are known for using on their covers. Artists who I have admired since I was quite young, such as Philip Burke, Steve Brodner, and Drew Friedman. What made doing this even more special for me personally was that Steve Brodner recommended me for the job. That means a lot to me, as I have been a fan of Steve's for years and consider him one of the all time greats! If you read this Steve, thank you, you made this young artists week!

Typical to most deadlines I get these days, I only had two days from start to finish. I was contacted last Friday but was working on another job. And because of the Easter holiday, I wasn't able to work on the weekend as I was enjoying family time.

So I woke early Monday morning, did a few sketches, waited for approval and then painted like a mad-man, the final was due by the end of the day Tuesday. In order to make deadlines like this, I have to plan my time well. I decided I would dedicate Monday to painting their faces and a bit of the block in of the bodies. This gives me Tuesday to focus on the hands, bodies and finishing touches. I had until 5:00 P.M. and used every minute I had . . . finishing at 4:57 P.M.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Painting: 3324 North California

Well, I finally finished with this painting. It took a while, considering I worked on it off and on in between other paintings that I had to do. While painting, I spent the majority of my time squinting my eyes, my objective was to capture the light and "character" of the "diner".

Detail. I enjoy seeing brushwork, especially when rendering realistically. Had fun with my palette as well, as you can see, I used lots of greens . . . I thing green and dirty yellows are some of my favorite colors to paint into flesh tones?

Some quick thumbnail sketches that I did while coming up with my idea and composition.

My next class on Caricature at starts on April 16th. Seats are filling up! Any questions you may have can be emailed to me or the staff at Schoolism. Thank you.
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