Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dick Blick's Artist Appreciation Day!

Here are some pictures as promised. This past Saturday I was a guest artist at a Dick Blick's in Wheaton Illinois, along with well known Lucas film artist Dave Dorman, as well as Lucas artist Cynthia Cummens, and sculptor Joseph Lester. It was a blast, every artist was talented and had very interesting presentations. For my presentation, I spoke briefly about my approach to humorous portraits, what my experience has been so far in the world of illustration and so on. I shared my portfolio as well as had four of my original paintings on display for people to look at. I also did a quick drawing demonstration and picked a fella (or victim) out of the crowd to draw.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations on that experience...and one day, it'll be as a special guest artist to a major illustrator's conference. You mark my words!

7:58 PM  

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