Monday, March 05, 2007

In preparation for the final!

For this illustration I actually pieced it together sketch by sketch. I did some other small thumbnails to work out the kinks, and then went on from there. After I was settled with my likeness I did a quick mock in photoshop, I took my Bush sketch and quickly drew up an idea for my composition . . . you can tell from this small mock that it took me about 60 seconds to do. It doesn't need to be perfection, just throw some ideas down and see what happens . . . I like to work fast and get my first ideas out while they're still fresh . . . then if I like it I refine it and work it more. No sense wasting time in this stage.

Once I like the basic idea of it then I shoot photo reference for accuracy in folds and anatomy, lighting etc . . .

I knew I was going to paint this in photoshop, so I sketched the hands seperately as well as Bush's body . . . I then pieced everything together in photoshop and moved it around until I was happy with it. Then I flattened the image and began painting.


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