Sunday, April 11, 2010

CASE STUDY: Read about my process . . .

Click here to read about my process.

And, I would like to remind everyone that my next class on CARICATURE starts this coming Friday, April 16th at There are a few spots available, and as always, any questions you may have can be emailed to me or the staff at Schoolism. Thank you.


Blogger Su Haitao said...

I am glad to first comment! hahaa! It's great, your work process and tutorial is to big help for me! thanx my very cool friend!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Daniel Purvis said...

Loved the piece. Always enlightening to see the process people go through to get to their final product. I'm just learning to paint with acrylic now for illustration class and, despite the frustration, it helps to see the cross-over between traditional and digital media techniques. Thanks for the inspiration!

3:51 AM  
Blogger echi said...

Heum... Being a teacher myself, I truly believe that you are on the right track. You have principles in your work, you try to remain true to them, you seem to accept criticism and it is clear that the look of a person or a situation is not everything to the art piece. What I truly appreciate here is that you try to understand where the person is coming from, where it's mind and soul is at that given moment. And that is a trick not easily attained. You really have to be in touch with people and not accept others at their face value. But to accept them understanding their flaws and weaknesses.
You are a good person and at that, that makes you a great artist. Keep up your good work. I am truly glad to know who you are and to follow your work.
In my native tong... french... Bravo.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Patty said...

Thanks so much for posting, I love your classes!

12:25 PM  
Blogger jesukiran said...

Wow,...wonderful work and thanks for the case study post.
In painting stage you took any photo reference or u did your own. Its very realistic colors and lighting wise.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Awesome! love seeing the process. Again love this painting!

7:18 PM  
Blogger Patrick Strogulski said...

Always learning from you, thanks for sharing !

5:56 AM  
Blogger Damion009 said...

its funny seeing at what you work with. my wacom pad's drawing space is 4x3. and very old! lol. anyways dude. truly amazing works!!!! like I said before this is one of the most amazing painting I've seen...

4:39 PM  
Blogger Will Ferris said...

Inspiring and enlightening! Congrats on the award.

1:39 AM  

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