Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Meth-head gouache study

40 minute gouache study

A weird coincidence of sorts . . . . I did this quick gouache study a couple months ago. I googled "Meth Heads" as I thought that would be fun to paint. This girls image popped up that was perfect for what I wanted to paint. Turns out Jenny Saville has also done a painting based on this same exact picture. Weird. As I have mentioned, Jenny Saville is one of my favorite painters, but I had no idea she also painted this person. So, my little study is not a study of Saville's painting, but rather a study I did based of the same reference, not knowing Saville had also painted her. It's interesting to see the similarities. I caricatured mine more though. :)


Blogger Marco Bucci said...

awesome dude!! The brushwork oozes with confidence.

9:21 PM  
Blogger Fitzzz said...

Checked out Jenny's version and yours, both awesome!

4:59 AM  
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