Friday, September 29, 2006

Sherlock Holmes

This is a work in progress. I have been invited to speak with a local group here in Chicago called the Hugo's Companions. They're a group that get's together once a month to talk about their favorite topic, Sherlock Holmes. I have been asked to do a drawing of "a" Sherlock Holmes, as well as draw a few of the members during their meeting. Each member will get a signed print of this illustration. This is my rough block in, painted in photoshop.

Sean Penn

Tom Fluharty

These are a couple sketches I did of my friend Tom Fluharty. I went with Tom to New York last spring for the Society of Illustrators show, these were drawn from photos I took of him in Central Park. Tom's not only a great friend but a great artist as well. His work can be seen at

Thom Yorke

I finished this acrylic painting of Thom Yorke last week, since I am new to this whole blog thing I figured I would post a recent painting as well as the sketch. I feel that I learn a lot when I see an artists final painting but I benefit even more by seeing the sketch or stages they took to get there. The sketch was done with a .3mm mechanical pencil and the final was painted with acrylic on masonite.

Today's sketch

I was called today to possibly do an illustration of the cast of "Wire" for VIBE magazine. For now, I am waiting to find out if the job is a go or not. So in the meantime I did a quick sketch of John Doman, who plays the Deputy commissioner on the show, just a warm up in preperation. More sketches and final work to come.
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