Friday, August 20, 2010

Imaginary Places: The Art of Marco Bucci

Hello everyone! It's my pleasure to share with you my friend Marco's first book, "Imaginary Places". Marco is an awesome painter, and a digital painter after my own heart. His foundation is in traditional painting and he spends a lot of his extra time outdoors painting from life using traditional mediums such as oil and watercolor. This book is a great collection of digital paintings that were created from his imagination.

- 45 pages of full color artwork
- step-by-step painting demo
- essay on painting light and color

BONUS: The first 250 books will ship with a DVD containing 4 painting lessons. Each one focused on a different aspect of painting, including a video on custom brushes. Approx. 1:30 hours of video!

And, I gotta say that the DVD is well worth it, I learned so much from watching and enjoyed every minute of it! So what are you waiting for . . . support my bro Marco!!!

Click here to order Marco's book!


Blogger ian said...

Very nice looking stuff, might have to purchase that.

10:12 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

He is a top guy, really nice as well as a great painter

2:29 AM  

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