Saturday, May 24, 2008

Book is Finished!

My book is finally finished! The book will be available to buy in June, I'll be signing books at this years Chicago Wizard World comic convention as well at the San Diego Comic Con. I'll post details on that soon. This will be my last post for a short while, I'm off on a weeks vacation with the family . . . I'm sure I'll do some sketching and painting while on vacation, so I'll have some new stuff to share soon.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Animal and Man!

Hello, been a bit since my last post, been keeping myself very busy. Today I'm posting some fun sketches I did recently of some animals, these were some of my favorite. I love drawing animals. Below are two friends of mine, Marco and Jed . . . I sometimes will do warm up sketches and thumbnails before a job, these were some of those, done quickly.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

All for Love!

I'm happy that I can finally share this with everyone, a different job from me . . . this was actually a collaboration of a few artists. I worked with the animation company Nathan Love who have done some amazing commercials, very talented guys. They created a baby-like cupid with no hair or wings and the gun, it was handed to me as a pencil drawing. Another artist painted the background. This was an interesting job because I didn't do any drawing besides the hair and wings . . . my part in this was to paint the cupid and gun so that it felt like and old "Victorian" painting . . . this was a challenging job and was a lot of fun doing something different!

The final billboard hangs in a train station somewhere in Switzerland, 30ft x 100ft . . . . crazy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Drew Friedman and Roberto Parada!

I'm finishing up my book this week . . . wow, it is a lot of work! Anyways, it will be available very soon, I'll be sure to let everyone know. In the meantime, here's a quick sketch I did of my friend Drew Friedman, a great artist, and a real swell guy! He wrote the foreword for my book and is one of my many amazing guest artists!

This is a quick sketch of Roberto Parada, an artist who has inspired me for years . . . I'm a big fan of his painting!

I'll share some sneak peaks from the book soon as well as the entire list of guest artists!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Cover for The Weekly Standard!

I know, I know, not exactly what you would expect from me. This is the first portrait that I've done for a cover of a magazine, it was a lot of fun and was challenging as well. I only had two days from start to finish, on top of that, all of my reference for this guy was in black and white. I painted it black and white first, establishing my values. Then I painted thin and light on top of my values until I was confident enough to paint with my gut feeling . . . it's different, I hope you enjoy!
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