Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marco Sketch!

I'll be leaving this Sunday for The National Caricature Network's annual convention. I'm a guest speaker this year along with some friends of mine, Joe Bluhm, Jan Op De Beeck, Court Jones, Stephen Silver, and Tom Richmond. The guest of honor is non other than my friend and talented artist ISMAEL ROLDAN. There will be all sorts of drawing competitions, seminars and a whole lot of other fun activities having to do with drawing and painting the art of caricature. Check out the link and see what it's all about. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and checking out everyone as they draw, should be a great time!

I didn't want to leave without posting something, so here's a sketch of my friend Marco. I did this as a value study using photoshop. I intended this to be a sketch but as you can see, I ended up taking it a bit further.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dave Canfield revisited . . .

I had so much fun with my quick sketch of Dave that I decided to take it to the next level and push it a bit further. While painting I noticed areas that needed more attention, issues with the muscles and skull structure. This isn't the final, I will be adding more of the shoulders as well as his hands.

Dave is a movie critic here in Chicago, he's a huge fan of horror films, so I thought it appropriate to add some blood and stitches to make it a bit more fun. The final will most likely have some veins and other fun stuff added to the mix! Dave's a fun crazy guy, it's a lot of fun painting him!

I've added a NEW link to check out for anyone interested. Caricature Class Blog. This is a blog for any of my past or current students to post and share their work. Please stop by and check out their work.

Also . . . . My October 31st class at Schoolism is nearly full, only three slots left, if interested in taking my online course on caricature illustration, please visit

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dave Canfield Sketch

This is a sketch I did this morning of a friend of mine . . . no exaggeration whatsoever!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sneak-Peak . . . A work in progress!

I'm currently in the middle of a few projects, would love to share what I'm doing here but cannot at this time. So to hold you over for a bit, here's a cropped version of something I'm working on, hope to share the whole piece soon.

On a separate note, my next class at is almost full, there are only a couple slots left to be filled. Class starts October 31st, next class won't start until January. Any questions about Schoolism, my course or other courses available please contact

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Back from IRELAND!

My wife and I just got back from our trip, it was AMAZING! Too many stories to try and share here! We rented a car and drove around and through the entire country, crammed as much as we could into everyday . . . I seriously feel like I need a vacation from my vacation. What a blast, Ireland is so beautiful, and the people are fantastic, we had the time of our lives! This is a picture my wife took of me in Blarney!

Because we spent most of our trip driving for hours and hours and walking and hiking, I didn't have much time to draw or sketch . . . at least not as much time as I would have liked. The little bit of sketching I was able to do were these quick two to three minute doodles while we relaxed in a pub or restaurant. These were done with prismacolor markers, sketched while people talked, drank, played music, slept . . . whatever interested me at the moment. Every time I pulled my sketch book out and did these quick little sketches I would get asked to draw someone's friend, made some extra Euro which was nice!

This is a picture of my wife and I on the Aran Islands . . . amazing place, don't know it? Google it!

This is a picture my wife took of me looking across the Atlantic. The scenery in Ireland is unreal, absolutely beautiful everywhere you look. I'm already missing it!

Thanks to everyone who left such nice and encouraging comments on my Audrey painting, I really appreciate it!
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