Monday, March 12, 2007

Sometimes I preform Cosmetic Surgery

Well, I thought I was finished with it? Turns out that the art director loved what I had done but when the editor saw it there was panic in the press room! I guess they were worried that Mr. Royce would be offended, so this piece is more of a distortion or a denial of the truth. Had to put in a few more hours but now everyone is happy . . . I hope.


Blogger Tim Bye said...

Still looks great! Bet you're glad it was digital!

12:29 PM  
Blogger Dustin said...

Too bad you had to tweak it, though it took me awhile to notice what was changed! Maybe he had his chin fat liposuctioned and injected into another, unseen part of his body.

3:54 PM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

Thanks Tim, yeah, it's a good thing I did it digital, still, it took me a good four hours or so to fix it, back an forth with the editor and all.

Dustin, the tweaking was slight, and that was what was so challenging, I didn't want to change the look or the feel of the piece but I had to remove about 20 lbs, so it was interesting to do . . . I feel I managed to keep the likeness. I forgot to mention in my main post, my photo reference was horrible, I could only find two pictures of him, and they were both pretty bad and really low resolution. Fun all around!

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Stingicide said...

Although it's obviously a great caricature, I can see how the layman could possibly be offended with the first... maybe you would have been safer concentrating on the width of the cheeks instead of the turtle-like head and shoulders interpretation, brilliant though it is?

10:19 AM  
Blogger Joe Bluhm said...

Looks good, Jason- but they should call a portrait artist, if they want a portrait. Frustrating, isn't it?


6:17 PM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

You said it Joe! Well, actually the problem was a miss-communication between the art director and the editor . . . the a.d. loved what I did first and almost ran it!

8:35 AM  
Blogger Joe Bluhm said...

Then you've got the right person on your side, I guess.

3:18 PM  

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