Sunday, August 05, 2007

Alaskan Plein Air

These are the first three Plein Air paintings that I ever did. Last summer I went to Alaska with my Dad to learn from him in anyway that I could, it was almost overwhelming how much I took in from my Dad's teachings . . . not just on plein air, but painting in general! Click here to see my Dad's blog.

One of the wonderful things about painting plein air is it captures that moment in time that you and only you experienced. No one else remembers it the way you did, almost in the same way hearing an old song brings back memories, looking at these three studies brings me back to that wonderful time, I can almost smell and feel the air. It was a great time, I saw Whales, Bear, Eagles, Seals, had some great food, if you've never gone to Alaska, you should plan a trip sometime. I plan on going back with my wife sometime. The second painting is Mendenhal Glacier, it was like a natural air conditioner, it was mid-July and I was freezing while painting this . . . there's nothing like it!


Blogger W. K. Moore said...

Thx for posting these Jason.. if these are the first.. then it is promising to be sure for the ones that will follow. And it can't hurt to balance your commercial work with the discipline of the fine art landscape world. I have found by sticking to the basic rules of composition it goes a long way in creating work that others want to see. Seems your vision is 20/20.

3:01 PM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

Thank you Bill, that is very encouraging for me to hear. My main work is of course illustration, but I realize that painting from life and out doors as much as I can will only strenghten my work as an artist, no matter what I paint. Everytime I go outside to paint it's like going to my own personal school . . . it's tough but rewarding!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Larry Seiler said...

each are gems in more ways than the obvious good art they are!

I want to go back as well...and mom won't let me go without her, of course. Hope to go while I still have the connections I have...

it was a fun and memorable time.

I like your comparison to old songs, I've used that myself. I've never really looked at studio pieces I did 15 years ago or more and had anything trigger back to a memorable meaningful experience. I remember things like, interruptions from the phone. Someone visiting the studio. The television making noise in the next room, day dreaming and losing focus. Dreams of climbing that career accolade ladder...

Not like the memories I get looking at my plein airs now. Ssheesh...I have a great office space these days! 8^)

keep it up...


5:42 PM  

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