Saturday, October 27, 2007

Springsteen for The Weekly Standard

This is what I did this last week, a spot illustration of the "new" Bruce Springsteen, for The Weekly Standard. At first it was going to have a background and print a little larger. Then half way through painting it that way, it was moved to a different section of the magazine, and a background was no longer needed. No big deal, part of the job, it's a weekly magazine, things are bound to change last minute. I really love working with these guys and I hope to continue on with them, I enjoy illustrating current issues, it's more interesting and fun for me then painting random celebs! All in all, two days worth on my part, about 14 to 16 hours of work.

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Blogger Dave said...

Haha you really nailed him! Nice work - it really feels like you grabbed his personality :)

8:37 PM  
Blogger Kei Acedera said...

Wow o wow Jason! Just awesome..I love the hair! And the last post is just killer!

9:49 PM  
Blogger Bobby Chiu said...

Dang you're fast!!

12:40 AM  
Blogger Tim Bye said...

Brilliant Jason! I love what you've done with the hair in the top pic - really impressive!

9:54 AM  
Blogger Scott Fertig said...

"SCREW THE TROOPS!" That's hilarious!!! That's the best part. Springsteen needs to learn that he needs to get behind the president no matter what decisions the president makes. Our American military personel need to stay strong and lack of support will only water down morale! The Nazi soldiers followed in good faith and we can learn a lot from them. They accomplished so much in just a short time through faithful allegiance to their leader. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!

5:34 PM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

"SCREW THE TROOPS!" That's hilarious!!! That's the best part. Springsteen needs to learn that he needs to get behind the president no matter what decisions the president makes. Our American military personel need to stay strong and lack of support will only water down morale! The Nazi soldiers followed in good faith and we can learn a lot from them. They accomplished so much in just a short time through faithful allegiance to their leader. SUPPORT THE TROOPS!!!!

Not sure if I agree with that at all Scott, sorry. Thanks everyone for the comments, was a fun piece to do.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Faboun'e said...

Realy good Sir !

6:03 PM  
Blogger marcobucci said...

great one again. Seems like the Weekly Standard is a pretty great client! (also, no Max Weinberg on drums?)

11:09 AM  
Blogger Larry Seiler said...

Yeah...don't think we need to look to the Nazi history for best ideas of soldiery...
Just watched the German video..."Verdict on Auschwitz" ...and after 183 sessions, the final defense of the German SS and leaders that ran the camp, the gas chambers, and crematorium was that they were simply following orders as was expected of soldiers - honor and loyalty to Hitler and Germany.

Thank goodness, the German courts deemed that acting upon humanity ethically is the higher precedent, and these men were condemned.

I think though...supporting our troops for the sacrifices they are willing to make, to serve our country is appropriate, and they are not to blame for the political directives which they do not themselves determine. As much as music means to troops abroad, Kid Rock even visiting them recently...I would wish Bruce to be a bit more empathetic and supportive.

Oh well...that aside, what a wonderful illustration, Jason...amazing!!! Guess I am in the wrong business!!! :)

Most impressive..

11:14 AM  
Blogger Scott Fertig said...

Ok. Before it gets out of hand. My comment was toungue-in-cheek sarcasm. Thanks Larry. You got my point. I didn't see the program, but I've heard of that German law and what a law it is. My brother proudly served in the military. We all know someone who has, don't we? I admire the soldiers for signing on and agreeing in advance to follow orders, no matter which party is in office because of their overall belief in what this Nation stands for. The lesson of Vietnam was that it is wrong to spit on soldiers returning from war. We all know that. I just think some like to confuse supporting the troops with supporting the mission, twisting the lesson of Vietnam. I saw springsteen interviewed the other night on T.V. I don't remember him saying "Screw the troops".
I'm guessing you may have only been being diplomatic in your choice of the words "Not sure" in your response to my comment, but in reality I think it's healthy. I have my convictions as we all do. But "not sure" is a good thing for any of us. Me included. Thanks Jason, for allowing an open forum on your blog to discuss these serious issues. Yeah, it's a fun caricature blog, but "screw the troops" takes it to another level.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous theb said...


You are amazing.


8:55 AM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

You're right, "not sure" wasn't a good choice of words either. I'm glad what you said was only sarcasm, I wanted to think that's what your comment implied, but you can never be sure right? Sacasm doesn't always come across in written form, sometimes one needs to hear the tone in a voice to get the sarcasm. Anyways, No offense, and I appreciate you being honest and upfront and not afraid to share what's on your mind, and I of course welcome your comments, if not I could just delete them.

9:58 AM  
Blogger W. K. Moore said...

Bill says --> You done the boss proud Jason - not really a Bruce fan, but I am a big fan of the illo - gesture is right on and the detail of the clothing and guitar kick. What amazes me beyong the solid painting is your speed. Lesser men (and women) would crack under the pressure.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Shawn Escott said...

You just keep getting better and better! Fantastic piece Jason!!! I like the one on white. The "Boss" stands out more and looks a bit cleaner, especially for a spot. You are the man, Man!!! :)

8:17 PM  
Blogger Todd said...

I don't care what one's political views are, the military at the end of the day is a quasi-dictatorship that defends a democracy. The soldiers deserve our support and since they don't have the choices we have, great leadership. I have always found it irritating that people who question our leadership, are actually condemned by people who are just towing the line. While questioning leadership is a right of American Life, it still takes courage and intellectual curiosity. Such questioning is actually a way of better supporting the very soldiers that defend those rights. Much more so than sending more poor underprivileged young men and women into harms way without a plan.

Could Bruce really better "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" by going to see them? Why can't he use his platform and fame, as he is doing and which takes courage (he has a lot to lose), to take a stand. Perhaps our 'leadership' could better "SUPPORT OUR TROOPS" by first offering up their own sons and daughters to stabilize Iraq or whatever the mission is today.

I wonder if "SCREW THE TROOPS" was a choice by the Weekly Standard or the artist. In either case, I find it reprehensible, tired, and cheap.

1:58 AM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

Thank you Shawn, and Bill, really glad you enjoy the Bruce, was a lot of fun to work on.

Todd, you're totally right man, Bruce should use his fame to better support the Troops instead of his current stand. As for the writing on his shirt, that was not my choice as an artist, rather it's what the Weekly Standard wanted on his shirt.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Scott Fertig said...

"Respect the Troops" would be a great montra. Bruce should give them all a big welcome home concert as soon as they come home, and the sooner the better.

11:20 AM  
Blogger W. K. Moore said...

Jason just expanded the jpeg.. man you own "hair" and "teeth".. about the best rendering I've seen anywhere.... when one goes to that degree of detail the commitment to "no mistakes" becomes imperative to pull-off the illusion successfully. You walk the razor's edge well my friend.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Bob Fingerman said...

I loathe the politics of The Weekly Standard, but your work is brilliant, so there's something of value on their pages. Your stuff really is amazing.

12:36 AM  
Blogger Jason Seiler said...

Thank you Bob and Bill!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Ryan Wood said...

Terrific characterization and painting, man. That hair is perfect!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the illustration. I am a former illustration major myself and am very impressed with the details and the way you nailed the likeness. However, it isn't true that Bruce has not visited the troops. Check out this recent new blurb and always remember that not supporting the president is not the same as not supporting the troops. Abraham Lincoln was a harsh critic of the Mexican-American war and I don't think anyone would accuse him of being anything less than a great American: "Rocker Bruce Springsteen has been an outspoken critic of both the Bush administration and the war in Iraq lately. (Case in point: One lyric on his latest album, which is sprinkled with anti-war themes, borrows John Kerry’s line, “Who will be the last to die for a mistake?”).
But as the Boss himself would point out, you can hate the mission but still love the troops. Springsteen found time between his two-night stand at the Verizon Center to visit wounded U.S. troops at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. on Monday.
Springsteen, his wife, Patti Scialfa, and an entourage of eight spent about 2 1/2 hours signing autographs, posing for photos and handing out copies of his CDs."

2:18 PM  

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