Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Portrait sketch: Josiah Jindrich

Portrait sketch of my friend, Josiah Jindrich. Sketched with Sketchbook Pro in a little over an hour.


Blogger Toby_K said...

Great sketch Jason, well done:)

4:14 PM  
Blogger Luke Watson said...

That's lovely mate.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Aaron Wilkin said...

Very Niceee!!! The hair looks awesome!!! I got get me sketchbook pro!!!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Thiago Martins said...

Hey Jason!

It's very very nice!

Please visit my blog.

See yaa

Thiago Martins

7:47 PM  
Blogger Cam A said...

Cool stuff as always...
Whats your opinion on Sketchbook Pro vs Photoshop/Painter?

8:03 PM  
Blogger Damion009 said...

he just looks happy to be here!

12:51 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

Jeeeez this is so good and done so quick, love the lines!

1:20 AM  
Blogger Jörn said...

Great. I can hear him laughing.

1:50 AM  
Blogger Scott said...

I learn something more each time i see your sketches, the difference in weight on the lines, the fluid movement, etc, great post :-)

2:16 AM  
Blogger Restrepo said...


7:07 AM  
Blogger Restrepo said...

A wonderful mixture of delicacy and energy.

7:16 AM  
Blogger KIKELIN said...

You are an incredible artist in any tecniques!
Thank you, Jason

1:01 PM  

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