Friday, April 08, 2011

Kevin Malone

Paint sketch.

"Who's been saying there's another person inside of me, working me with controls!?" -Kevin Malone

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Blogger Rodney Pike (rwpike) said...

Very nice!

3:50 PM  
Blogger duanetheartist said...

Great! So funny!

3:51 PM  
Blogger A. Riabovitchev said...

Ha HA!Make my day!:o)

4:28 PM  
Blogger Logan Pearsall said...

These are great! Keep em' coming!

5:50 PM  
Blogger Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

Haha my wish was granted! Thanks Jason!

10:43 PM  
Blogger Marlianna said...

LOL!!! It made my day! thank you ;)

8:38 AM  
Blogger bíu said...

perfeito como sempre!!!!paz

8:01 PM  
Blogger Thomas Fluharty said...

NO one should ever attempt to do him again He has been defined by this, your wonderful image.~T

3:33 PM  
Blogger José María Ojeda said...

U are very very VERY VERY GOOD!!

6:42 AM  
Blogger Lindsay said...

You are making me look bad...

:) Love your paintings!

1:10 PM  

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